• A group of doctors of modern medicine who legally engage the authorities on issues concerning medical education, training and practices.

  • MLAG takes legal actions when needed in interest of doctors.

  • MLAG intends to change the false perception in society of doctors being greedy, incompetent and always negligent.

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MLAG - It is a registered trust

  • We collect information under RTI.
  • Make representation to various government officials.
  • We file writ petitions/PIL’s on various issues
  • We conduct surveys, analyze data collected and make representations.
  • We educate and disseminate legal information among doctors.
  • We research, pursue and sponsor bills in Parliament to bring amendments in laws detrimental to medical professionals.
  • We aim for strong press coverage to publish doctor’s views and diminish impact of adverse press in medical accident cases.

It is a registered trust with doctors from all over the country as its members. MLAG engages with government agencies on issues which adversely affect medical professions.

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