Medicos Legal Action Group was founded on 20 th July 2012. 

MLAG  was  registered  as  a non-profit trust at Chandigarh  in  July  2013 by a group of doctors from all over the country who wish to legally engage the Govt of India regarding its various policies concerning medical profession, training, working conditions

MBBS doctors today are threatened, victimized, beaten up, hauled up to courts on flimsy grounds, and harassed by various officials under various Acts and Laws. We have a senior doctor who committed suicide in court due to undue harassment under PCPNDT Act and was dragged out of court by policewomen when she collapsed, we have doctors who been killed by irate patient relatives in Tamil Nadu,Maharashtra  and  Haryana, Resident doctor who is beaten up on duty by policemen in Sholapur and by relatives in Delhi, UP, Uttaranchal and Karnataka. This is despite the fact that our work is the noblest of all and our intention is always good. Government does not give any encouragement or subsidy to health sector (specially small and medium healthcare establishments) and despite all this nearly 70 % of healthcare of this nation is in hands of small private clinics and nursing homes who do their job professionally within their limitations. Lopsided policies of the Government favor corporate healthcare instead.

Medical education has been taken over by unscrupulous business men in partnership with our politicians. MBBS doctors today are unemployed and underpaid. The Degree of MBBS has been devalued by being officially equated with a 3 year BSc Community Health Graduate and various  RMPs and quacks. The  Government now wishes to bring systems  like  electrohomeopathy at par with MBBS, AYUSH  at  par  with  Gynaecologists and  has  introduced  Bills to this effect  in  Parliament. It of course is the internal strife among physicians which created the situation and they cannot blame outside forces entirely for their loss. Defeating its doctors in this unilateral undeclared war that Indian Government is waging cannot however be good for the country.

Some of us felt a need to form a focused group with sufficient resources to actively pursue matters detrimental for medical profession in courts or with the government at various levels. Medicos Legal Action Group (MLAG) was thus formed comprising of few like minded doctors from all over the county. It is now a registered trust headquartered at Chandigarh.

We have already filed multiple WP / PILs in Punjab & Haryana High Court. Our WPs  filed  so far  are regarding commercial rates being charged for various utilities from clinics & Nursing Homes, Unlawful  Arrest  of  doctors  for  alleged  medical  negligence  without  following Supreme Court Guidelines and against Punjab Medical Council Amendment Act 2010.  We are collecting data and filling RTI applications in many other issues related to medical professionals to appropriate authorities. We have filed a case under Drugs and Magic Remedies Act against unscrupulous persons promising removal of Gall stones without surgery in half page newspaper advertisements. It was information received by us under RTI, wherein for first time, 1 year compulsory rural internship notified 7 months ago but kept under wraps by MOHFW & MCI was made available publically. In this reply we also received some information regarding a proposal to increase internship from 1-2 year. This caused MBBS students and interns to go on strike recently. As a result It has now been decided to temporarily delay implementation of 1 year compulsory rural service before PG and clarification issued that there is no plan to increase internship from 1 year to 2 years. We  also  funded  Sankalp  Charitable  trust  when  it  went  in  for r eview  of  the  absurd  decision  given  by  honourable  Justice  Altamas  Kabir  in  SC  regarding  applicability  of  NEET  common  entrance  exam. Similarly  we  have  funded  IMA  Haryana  to  file  a  WP  against  the  law  passed  by  Haryana  permitting  AYUSH  doctors  to  be  registered  in  State  Medical  Council  permitting  them  to  practice  modern  medicine.   

We have given representations on various issues related to medical insurance, 1 year rural service, BSc Community Health,

Ayush prescription of allopathic medicine, Prevention of Violence against medicare personnel and medicare institutions Act, and other local issues like master plan 2031 to appropriate authorities. We have conducted surveys among doctors to get answers to various issues raised. We have held public forum and issued press releases to sensitize people on ill effects of Consumer Protection Act and the unlimited compensations under it.

Our suggestions on all issues are also given to IMA and we would wish to work in coordination with IMA if possible. We intend to publicize the doctors view point in the press on various important issues affecting us. Finally we intend to have a strong permanent legal team along with public relation and research staff to influence public opinion and legally correct injustices done to the profession .

We request you to join us and donate to our cause liberally as this will be used for the benefit of future of our profession specially the next generation. Funds will be used only for cases which effect medical profession as whole and not individual cases of doctors. Also MLAG will not get involved in cases where one group of doctors is in legal dispute with another group


  • Dr. Neeraj Nagpal, Convenor and Managing Trustee               09316517176
  • Dr. Anil Kumar, Secretary and Founder Trustee                       09417199555
  • Dr. Sandeep Dhavan, Founder Trustee                                      09814105427
  • Dr. Kamna Nagpal, Trustee                                                        09814013735
  • Dr. Sanjay Bedi, Trustee                                                             09996038569
  • Dr. Rajender Sharma, Trustee                                                     09815130092                              
  • Dr. Harkanwal Saini, Trustee                                                      09417018018
  • Dr. RS Bedi, Trustee                                                                    09814523344
  • Dr. JPS Sodhi, Trustee                                                                 09814007006
  • Dr. Dhirender Soni, Trustee                                                         09812087849
  • Dr. Ranjeet Khanna, Trustee                                                        09815131403
  • Dr  Paramjit S Mann                                                                    09814173496
  • Dr  N S Sandhu                                                                            09814014574
  • Dr  Rupa  Sahgal                                                                         09316108416
  • Dr  Puneet  Verma                                                                       09878037582
  • Dr  Neeraj  Kumar                                                                      09888024613  

I wish to thank all  400  plus  members  of  MLAG  who  have  contributed  financially to  us towards a selfless cause. I also request others who feel that we are doing something, which is good and needs to be supported, to kindly contribute to us financially and give us your time.We hope that someday we can be a force to reckon with against whom no Amir Khan or Ghulam Nabi Azad of this world would dare insult or play with the medical profession.  To Contribute send cheque to;

Medicos Legal Action Group
Ac No 499601010036479
Union Bank of India IFSC UBINO549967

Dr Neeraj Nagpal
Convenor and Managing Trustee
Medicos Legal Action Group.
Trust Regd no 1665, dt 11-06-2013
1184, Sector 21-B Chandigarh
Ex President IMA Chandigarh
+919888207176, 09316517176
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 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.