Do they teach “misdirection” in Political Science ?

Misdirection, as any infantry General will tell you is an integral part of war room strategy. Honeypreet and “Narcoanalysis” of Resident Doctors in Rohtak are classic examples of such misdirection in civil life when Government is in a tight corner on its policies. The misdirection diverts the attention of the masses and takes the heat off the Government in Press. This misdirection is an integral part of day to day administration. Female sex ratio is low , conduct raids, seize machines and arrest doctors. Does it change the sex ratio ; No but it takes the heat off the administration .

New Born Child has disappeared from the maternity ward , so conduct narco test on the resident doctor who delivered the baby, who has not taken bath in 5 days and has been on 48 hour continuous duty. If our CCTV cameras were working, our security system was in place and access not given to dogs in hospital wards, it would have been a child’s play to track down the lifters of the newborn. But since that would involve giving tough answers as to where the money needed to maintain these services goes, so seek custodial interrogation of the female resident which satisfies the hunger of the scandal seeking press and eases the pressure on the police. The whole purpose of the exercise is not to find the baby or to prevent such incidents from happening again but to create a sensation during which the original issue would get marginalized.

I fail to understand why waste time and money on the narco test at all. Any resident in Departments of Gynae and Obstetrics and Paediatrics in a large Government Medical College and Hospital unless on deathbed or getting married is in a continuous state of stupor and altered sensorium indistinguishable from that intended to be achieved through the drugs given to normal human beings undergoing narcoanalysis. Ask them anything and they will reply truthfully what you want to know. Actually the narco test may give them some precious sleep time which they are otherwise deprived of on duty. So maybe a narco test of all resident doctors including senior residents should be made mandatory on a monthly basis when the SSP would depute his forces to do locum duties in place of the resident doctors.

That the honourable Supreme Court has decided in 2010 that forced narco analysis cannot be done and evidence obtained thus is inadmissible in court is of course irrelevant. Here in this case we already know the truth that the resident doctor has no role to play in this crime, but then seeking the truth is not the purpose of the exercise. The sole purpose is “misdirection”. Infact in 2017 the Supreme court has ruled out permission to an accused to himself seek narco test to absolve himself of the charges. Narco tests of the Talwars in Arushi Murder, Telgi’s test in the fake stamp paper and so many other cases leading us nowhere again has no relevance because as mentioned earlier the purpose ........... but “mis direction”.

It is the authorities who are guardians of the residents who come to train in their institutions. Why could the police not question the residents and take their statements in Hospital ?..... “ Mis direction”. Getting their statement was not the intention, the intention was for this news to spread that resident doctors and senior doctors were made to come to police station and were interrogated . Shows the Police and Administration in good light that they are doing so much and they did not spare even the doctors !!! That the child has not been found is irrelevant and that they are no closer to finding the child by this exercise or by the famed narcoanalysis of the doctors which is planned is a moot point which is anyway now redundant. The politics found being indulged in during crises is laughable if it was not so tragic.

I assume that this narco analysis will be done in a state of the art medical facility within the police station because as with any anaesthetic agent reactions can occur and I hope they are prepared with resuscitative measures in case of such eventuality. Luckily Clinical Establishment Act is not notified in Haryana otherwise its police stations and jails would also need to be registered under CEA for such mis - adventures.

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