The Cheque Book Generation

A 2500 cc diesel engine fitted on a bullock cart discarding the bulls and the bullock cart driver in the process is the only way I can describe today’s rapid leaps being made from Demonetization to Aadhaar linkages to GST. No shock absorbers, no automatic gears, no hill assist, no anti lock braking system just a turbo charged 2500 cc diesel engine to speed up the journey. We did not have the infrastructure to deal with the nitty gritty ( 200 Dead, millions rendered unemployed) of demonetization. But more scary is the digital India being implemented without the infrastructure to facilitate secure transactions and tax payments.

This is a hacker’s paradise. Taking the ID details of an individual from the umpteen unsecure sites , now mandatorily upgraded , a hacker could clean out bank accounts of the average law abiding individual in a jiffy and no one will be responsible. The Government which took the decision will change, the bank officials transferred and the account holder will have only suicide as a viable option having lost his life earnings.

It is not so much the policies which are faulty as the hurry in which they are implemented for political reasons despite total lack of preparedness. I have a minor angina episode every time I deposit my advance tax with transaction being interminably delayed and sometimes timed out. Having logged in with my innumerable passwords I feel unsure whether this incomplete transaction will result in a loss to me at some stage. What was the problem with my depositing the cheque in the bank for the advance Tax ? I understand frauds could forge my signatures and withdraw money with cheques but here I may be cleaned out at the click of a button with no one willing to take responsibility for my loss.

Respected Modiji despite your arm twisting I still did not learn how to use the ATM machine and am uncomfortable using the credit card. Maybe I am rigid and resistant to the spirit of change and euphoria gripping the nation but I for one want my old cheque book back. The very idea that a click of the button can make money fly from my account to someone else unnerves me. As I understand we still use servers based in other countries for our data. To me this is like having my gold in a locker in China. The encryption and other technology needed to secure such massive financial transactions need hardware and software along with technically qualified reliable people trained in the job. The smooth talk of the IT professional and the “customer care” are things I do not want in my life. I want the simplicity of old days when I did not feel like an ancient relic driving the bullock cart on the superhighway.

Dr Neeraj Nagpal 
Convenor,Medicos Legal Action Group, Managing Director MLAG Indemnity,
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Director Hope Gastrointestinal Diagnostic Clinic,
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