The silence is deafening                                                                                                                                  Feb 28, 2015

Maybe I have not understood the full budget but to me it appears that "health" has been given a go by in this budget.

Establishing AIIMS in different states is a faulty way to provide health to the people.
For one Govt does not allocate adequate resources to establish a functional AIIMS like institute which alone would require substantial funds and then to provide AIIMS like faculty on salaries given is a quixotic idea.
Good faculty remains in AIIMS because of the excellent academic environment, intellectual oppurtunity and overall lifestyle of the staff.
These so called AIIMS become a caricature of the premier institute with no purpose except to fool the public as a political vote gathering tool.

The only thing I could find was relief provided to Ambulance services from the purview of service Tax. If Taxing the Ambulance services was on the radar of the Government then I must thank the Finance Minister for the "Acche Din" indeed.

Yoga has been included in list of charitable activities and hence can be expected to have tax benefits.There has been mention of "diagnostics" becoming expensive due to increased service tax on some talk shows but I still need to see the concrete details before commenting on this.

All in all no special mention of any increase in health budget which means no increase in number of Primary Health Centres from current 27000, no increase in Rural Medical officers and other staff. No tax benefits to Small and medium healthcare establishments SMHCE means the private entrepreneur is not incentivized . No plan to increase the tax base so professionals like doctors who anyway are tax payers can expect to be squeezed. Increase in exemption to health insurance will benefit corporate hospitals with increased business more than the SMHCE. The budget is blind to the role the SMHCEs who play a crucial role in health care delivery to the nation and their needs have been left unfulfilled.

Dr Neeraj Nagpal
Convenor, Medicos Legal Action Group
Ex President IMA Chandigarh
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