Bull whip or the feeding hand

Both Bar Council and Press Council have regulatory functions as well as responsibility to look after "welfare" of those registered with it. Doctors (Only qualified Doctors of Modern Medicine) however seem to be in need only of regulation from its council. . Original Indian Medical Council Act had this substantial flaw in its objectives making MCI a regulatory watchdog only. Welfare of members cannot be looked after by nominees and "citizens of public standing".

The function of Bar council as given in Section 7(d) of Advocates Act is to safeguard the rights, privileges and interests of advocates. The Object of Press Council is to preserve the "Freedom of the press". The Chartered Accountants Act 1949 has promotion of standards and quality control as its primary function. Despite its watchdog status the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Council of the Institute have self regulated their profession remarkably well despite scams and frauds that have plagued India for past many decades. The Judiciary has put its "Angad's" foot down on Governments attempt to interfere with their autonomy.

Because the current parliamentary system of democracy is loaded in favour of Goons and criminals is no justification for replacing the parliamentary system with a dictatorship. What needs to be done is to improve the current system, remove its flaws and move forward. There is this inherent desire of the powers that be to see medical professionals under their fist simply to flog a dying horse to go a few extra miles without feeding or caring for it.

Respected Modiji and all prime ministers before and those who will come after you, Olympic medals will not come without investing funds into sports. Similarly health of nation cannot improve without infusing significant funds healthcare. Tightening the screws further and further on doctors who are anyway doing more than their share of public service may turn out to be counterproductive.

1) You do not wish to employ more doctors for primary care. MBBS doctors churned out at rate 55000 per year have less than 2700 vacancies in Primary health centers to vie for. Posts for MBBS doctors to work in the village PHCs are advertised infrequently and applied for by 20 to 30 times the number of posts advertised. 

2) You do not wish to pay MBBS doctors to work in your villages ; Punjab Govt pays a princely sum of Rs 15600 per month. The fervor of public service is dimmed rapidly after paying the bills by the 1st month itself. 

3) The approximately 10 percent of the total MBBS doctors who are employed by the Government are overworked and underutilized doing VIP duties instead of treating cardiology patients. Remaining 90 percent MBBS doctors are left to fend for themselves but are clandestinely asked to fulfill the responsibilities of the Government through various Acts and Rules without being paid by the Government for the same. 

4) The NMC Act being brought to replace IMC Act and the Clinical Establishment Act are both shameful attempts to get a stranglehold on the remaining 90 % MBBS doctors who are not in Government service so that they remain unpaid servants bound by the Government dictats issued from time to time in "public good"

Scrap CEA, Remove Doctors from ambit of CPA, Amend IMC Act and scrap the NMC Bill, Scrap PCPNDT Act, The average IQ of the MCI/SMC Registrants is far higher than the average IQ of those who seek to govern them. Let the doctors be. Empower them to find solutions for problems which plague healthcare in India. Give MCI powers for monetary penalty. Increase budget for healthcare.

Dr Neeraj Nagpal 
Convenor,Medicos Legal Action Group,