United  India  Insurance  Company  Ltd

  • MLAG has  renegotiated  with  United  India Insurance  Company and  MLAG  Indemnity  will  henceforth  provide THROUGH  THIS (DIFFERENT  FROM PREVIOUS)  INSURER  the  following  benefits;
  •  70 %  discount  on rack  rates  of  Public  Sector  Insurers both  in  Professional  Indemnity  Insurance  as  well  as  Errors  and  Omission  Policy  for  Establishments (Discount was  35% & 60% with  MLAG  Indemnity  previously)
  • Retroactive  date  coverage  continued  even  if  previously  insured  by  different  insurer (Copy of previous policy should be attached with proposal form). Exception  is  if  there  is  any  claim  or  incident  likely  to  result  in  claim  outstanding  under  which  circumstances  retrospective  cover  will  not  be  provided.
  • Even  lapsed  policies  can  be  revived  on  paying  a  loading  charges  of  25%  only  if  no  notice alleging  negligence  has  been  received  during  the  lapsed  period.
  • Coverage  for  Cosmetic  surgery with 75 % Loading  on  the  premium (This  had  been  scrapped  by  our  previous  insurers)
  • Cases  related  to  HIV  will  be  excluded  from our  policy  as  per  change  in  agreement  done  recently  bu UIIC
  • Advocate  will  be  provided  for  consumer  court as well as for  cases  of alleged criminal  negligence. (Criminal  cases  were  not  previously  covered)
    • Criminal cases filed  against  doctors which  are  for  issues listed  as  exclusions  where  doctor  is  later  exonerated  by  court  even  in  these  cases  legal  fee  will  be  paid as  per  schedule.
  • Rates  of  empanelled  advocates  increased  to 40000 / 60000 / 80000  for  DF / SCDRC / NCDRC  plus  expenses, thus allowing  good  quality  advocates  to  be  empanelled (Earlier  these  rates  were  Rs  12000  to  24000).
    • Also  earlier  the  insurance  company and  the  doctor  would  both  be  represented  by  same  advocate  hence  there  would  be  a  conflict  of  interest. Now  Insurance  Company  need  not  be  a  party  in case  so only  doctor  will  be  represented  by  the  advocate provided  by  the  insurers  through  MLAG  with  time  to  time  intimation  to  Insurance  Company.
    • By  agreement  Insurance  company  will  have  to  pay  any  compensation  awarded  by  court  within  time  frame  prescribed  by  court  upon  proper  intimation  without  asking  the  doctor  to  first  pay  the  compensation.
    • Advocates  fee  will  be  directly  paid  by  insurers  even  if  you  do  not  want  the  advocate  provided by  MLAG/UIIC but  choose  your  own  advocate  from  among  the  panel  notified 
    • Advocates  fee  will  be  directly  paid  by  insurers  even  if  you  do  not  want  the  advocate  provided  by  MLAG/UIIC  but  choose  your  own  advocate    outside  the  panel  notified  with  prior  approval.
  • Travel expenses  for  going  to  NCDRC for  court  proceedings  including  stay  will  be  provided  to  advocate  and  insured . Train fare  for  shorter  journey and economy  airfare  for  longer  journey. Stay  upto Rs 2000 per day. (This  was  not  provided  earlier)
  • Out  of  Court  settlement upto  5  lacs  after  due  process  will  be  covered. This  will  have  to  go  through  monitoring  committee.
  •  Unlimited  coverage  available ; You can take policies  of 10 crore if you want   and  this  amount  will  be  paid  for  any  individual  case (AOA;AOY  is  1:1) 
  •  Error  and  Omission  policy  OPD  patients  will  be  charged  1 Rs  per patient with   60%  discount (Discount  was  35 %  earlier)
  •  MLAG  supervision, guidance, facilitation   and  assistance  in all the  cases 
  •  Taking  Indemnity  Insurance  through  MLAG  helps  MLAG  to  raise  funds  to  seek  legal  redressal  for  common  cause  issues  adversely  effecting  medical  profession

                                            50  lacs                        1 crore

  • Rate  to  be  charged  from  Non MLAG  Member         8806                           12611  
  • Rate  to  be  charged  from MLAG  member                  4406                             8611 
  • Inclusive  of  MLAG  membership, unqualified  attendant  risk  cover  and Service  Tax
  • MLAG  Indemnity  is  no  different  from  other professional  Indemnity  Insurance   policies  because  ultimately  it  is  issued  to individual doctors  by  United India Insurance Company except  that  having  been  negotiated  as  a  group  we  have  got  a  better  deal  from  the  insurers  and  can  deal  with  insurers  better.                 

Please  ensure  that  you  send  your  adhaar card  along  with  proposal  form  for  issuance  of  policies.

  • You  get  help  from  MLAG  members  and  trustees  in  preparation  of  your  replies
  • Once  we  are  stronger  we  will  hire  our  own  advocates  to  provide  better  services  to  members. 
  • As  a  Group  we  can  deal  with  insurance  companies  better  than you can  as  an  individual
  • You  support  common  cause  of  doctors  by  helping  strengthen  hands  of MLAG

Life Membership fee of MLAG is currently 5000 (with Rs 1000 per year annual charges from 2nd year  onwards). This membership not only now gives you personal monetary benefits but also helps us pursue the actual goal of engaging with Govt agencies and others on issues which adversely affect medical profession. By becoming a member you contribute towards this common cause besides any discounts we are able to get for you. Intitially  we  were limiting the MLAG Indemnity to Punjab, Haryana , UT and Himachal Pradesh only but  now  even  doctors  from  far  off  places  are  availing  the  benefits.